Food & Weight Issues

I am a counsellor experienced in food and weight issues in West Oxfordshire.



An End To:

Diets, Slimming Foods and Pills

Weight and Food Worries

Guilt and Despair

Slimmers’ clubs, diet food manufacturers and pill producers all claim to help you take weight off your body.  And in the short-term they may work.  But over 90% of all dieters regain the lost weight – and in the not-so-long run many wind up weighing more than they did at the start.  That’s why people go on one diet after another; that’s why each month there’s another ‘new’ diet in the best-seller lists and the magazines.  For most people diets don’t work.  But that doesn’t stop them from trying over and over again – ‘yo-yo’ dieting – and with each ‘failure‘ the feelings of guilt and despair mount.

Now there is a way of freeing yourself from food, eating and weight worries that doesn’t involve diets, pills or ‘special foods’.  Through a combined programme of knowledge and insight you will learn to take ‘weight’ off your mind.  As you lose your focus on food and weight and begin to eat normally you may well find that – if you really need to – you will lose weight slowly and permanently.

This approach will give you:

  • KNOWLEDGE  about food, diets, how your body works, social pressures and self-image
  • INSIGHT  into how your problem with weight/food/eating developed and can be worked through

A member of the British Dietetics Association has said that, ‘People have lost the confidence to believe that if they eat normally they can control their weight.’  Restoring that confidence is a primary goal.

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