Counselling in West Oxfordshire

How Counselling Can Help

We often find ourselves thinking or behaving in ways that cause us problems, sabotage our goals and even threaten our relationships. This is often because we are acting out feelings that we are unable to access directly and verbally. Years or decades may have passed in protecting ourselves from dealing with these underlying issues. What is experienced is anxiety, anger, inappropriate eating, frustration, indecisiveness, depression, perhaps self-destructive behaviour.
Through counselling I can try to help you reach an understanding of those otherwise inaccessible feelings and develop a way of talking directly about them that will free you to exercise more choice in your life. To do this we would look at what is going on in your life now, explore what has gone on in your past and address what passes between us in your sessions. I can offer a safe, reliable and professional setting and practice to help you; trust and confidentiality are integral to the process.
Counselling in West Oxfordshire

Counselling in West Oxfordshire

One to One Confidentiality

Working together in the one-to-one confidentiality of a professional counselling relationship we can help resolve your problem with food/weight/diet, anxiety, depression, relationships, bereavement and loss.

Fully Qualified and Experienced

A member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy with a background in psychology and over 15 years counselling experience. I work in a quiet, private rural setting.

To Make an Appointment

To make an appointment or to discuss how we might work together phone me, Hal Dunkelman (B.Sc. M.Sc. Dips. Psychodynamic Counselling), on 07906 595421 or email directly or by using the form on the Contact page. An initial consultation lasts about 1½ hours . The fee for that appointment is £75. Subsequent weekly sessions, regularly scheduled, are 50 minutes (fee £45) and continue for as long as you find them helpful. Reduced fees are available in certain circumstances.

If you are searching for counselling in West Oxfordshire you can contact me on 07906 595 421